Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Pool is Open

Wow. I can't believe the kids are out of school and summer time is here. Clay left this morning to go to the lake for the weekend with a friend. Tom and Josh did somethings around the house including getting the boat ready to take to the lake tomorrow. Ana Claire and I headed to the pool. It opened today. I thought she might be a little apprehensive. We started out in the baby pool, but quickly made our way to the big pool once we got all of our floatation gear on. She was jumping off the side of the pool and going under. She has no fear. She is to young for group lessons so I think we will be checking into some private lessons for her.
She was playing with one of her friends that is four, so of course she was trying to keep up. Hope everyone has a great Memorial day weekend.


aljay said...

Looks like AC had a great time at the pool! I can't believe how brave she is ...jumping in and going under water already! Camdyn hates to get too much water on her face. :)

Anonymous said...

Try the Y. They take them very young in group lessons, you just have to get in with her.