Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taking a Walk and Getting Ice Cream

Come on Mommy, the Popsicle man is coming.
(notice her shoes, she has been wearing them everywhere we go)
Enjoying her ice cream
This is our neighbor Jonathon. He likes following Ana Claire when we go for a walk.
Kicking off those heels


Hodge Family News said...

GREAT SHOES AC!!! We love them!

Sonya and Katie Lin

DeEtte said...

So glad to see another little girl who loves her shoes. Hannah is a bit obsessed over hers! She changes shoes 5 times a day! She and Ana Claire will make great friends! We have several appointments and such the next couple weeks, but then we've got to geth the girls together to play.

Tammy said...

LOVE THE SHOES! AC is too funny! We call those shoes "clicky clacks" because of the noise they make. My girls love them too!

Denna said...

I love the pictures and the shoes.
She is a real cutie.