Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First dentist appointment

The kids all had to get their teeth cleaned today. This was Ana Claire's first time to have her teeth cleaned. It was a group effort. She started out in my lap and ended up in Josh's lap thinking he would be her saving grace. She didn't scream, cry, yell or bite, which they said was great! She was just very tight lipped and they had to pry her mouth open. She was a real trooper. She loved getting her prizes and her new Dora toothbrush.


Hodge Family News said...


You are such a BIG GIRL!!! I am going to see my dentist when I am three. Her name is Dr. Nails and she is going to China to get her daughter very soon. I can't wait until she is home here in Decatur.

Katie Lin

Julia said...

Wow - good job, I'm very impressed with her "willingness". Meisi didn't stop crying and refusing cleaning until last January, and she was almost 5.5 at the time!