Sunday, July 30, 2006

Girl's Glamour Day

I can't believe that the summer is just about over. We couldn't end the summer without a girls day.
We have had alot of company over the summer mainly the boys having their friends over.
So today was Ana Claire's turn. The girls dressed up. I fixed their hair, did make up, and painted their fingernails!They had alot of fun. Okay, I had alot of fun getting to do this.
While the girls played the mom's also made flip flops for the girls.
It was so nice to have girls running around in the house laughing and squealing. A big difference from boys. They like to wrestle, and have contests using their bodily functions.


Drew and Lori said...

What a FUN day! the flip flops are precious! you are so creative!

Hodge Family News said...

GREAT PICTURES!!! LOVE the flip flops!!!