Saturday, July 29, 2006


Before and After Shots
Ana Claire needed a haircut, but I had mixed emotions about cutting it. Part of me wants to let it grow out but it is so thin and stringy. I cut about an inch to two inches off of it.
I hope this helps to thicken her hair.


Drew and Lori said...

I LOVE IT!! i always thought her hair was beautiful anyway. we did this with karlee and it DID thicken her hair and we ended up loving it this length. Ana Claire looks ADORABLE!

DeEtte said...

I love the haircut! It looks adorable! Let's get the girls together again before school starts. Yikes - that means this week! I'll e-mail you!

Tammy said...


Her hair looks adorable!!!!!!! I want to cut Payton's hair so bad but Michael says no!