Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another first for Ana Claire

We brought Ana Claire home almost 20 months ago. During this past year and a half she has struggled with issues regarding being left by me or her leaving me. I have bent over backwards and have done everything I know to do to make her feel safe and always reassure her that I am coming back.
She has never initiated going anywhere with her daddy without me. Saturday was a major step for Ana Claire. Tom had to go into the office to take care of somethings. When he told us bye
she told her daddy that she wanted to go. We just looked at one another and smiled and told her okay. We put her shoes on and he put her in the car. We really both thought she would back out, but she didn't. As she was leaving she told me she would be back. I told her okay, that I would wait for her to come back. They got to the office and Tom said she had a ball. She played on the computer and drew. He called his office phone from another phone and she answered it like she was at work. As you can see from the photos she had a great time. I hope she and her daddy have many more afternoons shared like this.
Could we possibly have another engineer on our hands?

When they come home, she told me she came back. Needless, to say we were thrilled. I hope after 20 months, she is starting to feel safe and secure and to know that without a doubt her Mommy and Daddy would never leave her. She has gone through so much at such a young age. She has lossed alot in her young life but she has gained so much. I know that I could never imagine my life without her. She has truly made my heart whole and our family complete. We are the Young's Party of Five.
God has truly blessed our family.


Hodge Family News said...


AWESOME!!! I know you are soooooo proud of Ana Claire!!! You are doing a wonderful job!!


Anonymous said...

She looks like a natural back there!! I am sure you were on edge waiting for the return!! I love seeing pictures of her and the boys!! Post away!! Sharon

Drew and Lori said...

Oh Lisa- I almost cried reading your post!! I am so excited for you! That is WONDERFUL!! what an awesome mom you are and what a fabulous, and patient family AC has! I celebrate with you tonight understanding your heart!! YEA!!!

DeEtte said...

Way to go Ana Claire (and mommy!)
What a huge step.

aljay said...

It sounds like AC and Daddy had a great time together ... hopefully there will be more Daddy-Daughter days in the future! :)