Monday, September 11, 2006

Fun with Katie Lin

I wonder what they are thinking.
Best Friends
Let's Dance!
My mom said there was a frog in here.
Sweet Girls!
Ana Claire and I went to Decatur this weekend to visit some dear friends. Ana Claire and Katie Lin absolutely love one another. They have the best time when they are playing with one another. They can never seem to get enough of one another. It is so much fun watching the two of them and wondering what they are going to get into next. We also drove over to Florence for the day and met some other families that had adopted from China. It was very nice to finally meet some other cyberfriends.


Hodge Family News said...


I am so glad that you and Ana Claire came to North Alabama this past weekend! IT WAS A BLAST! My parents will be talking about having the girls at their house for a long time! They were so cute dancing to the DVD in my Mom's little TV room. Hope to get the girls together again soon.


aljay said...

The 2 girls look so cute together!