Thursday, September 07, 2006

There She Goes Again!

I am watching Ana Claire change before my eyes. She is nearing her third birthday, it is November 30th. I am by no means rushing it. I can't believe she will be three.
I am thinking with the changes that I am seeing in her we can say that we have experienced the "terrific twos" and we may see the "terrible threes". Boy I hope not. She has discovered that she has a set of lungs and a loud voice that she can scream and pitch fits with. It is really nice on the ears. LOL
She has also recently had a growth spurt and can now reach the water and ice on the front door of the frig and has recently learned to open the door to the frig. She likes to open it a 100 times a day and constantly wants to get water.
She has also decided that she loves to climb. As you can see from the photos above she has discovered the inside of the dryer. She normally wants to help fold the clothes, not today. She wanted to get in and play. I caught her after I took these photos trying to get back in the dryer with one of her baby dolls.
I wonder what she will get into next? Life is never dull with her around. :)


Hodge Family News said...

BLESS YOUR HEART LISA!! She sounds just like Ben at that age!
WOW!!! Just keep taking lots of pictures!!!


Tammy said...

Can you say Chinese Laundry????? LOL! She and Payton are so alike. I can't even tell you the places I have "found" Payton. Like the toilet!!!!!!!!!!


Drew and Lori said...

the dryer- that is hilarious! she and karlee are going to be two peas in a pod! i can't wait to meet you saturday!