Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update on Josh's arm

I took Josh to the dr today to have his cast removed and stitches taken out. We found out that he had 16 stitches. The incision was about 4" long. Much bigger than what I had imagined. It still looks a little gross, but it looks much better than it did. He has to wear this cast for 3-4 weeks. Hopefully his arm will have healed by then.


Hodge Family News said...

WOW! Poor Josh looks like he is about to GO OUT in the last pic!

Drew and Lori said...

so glad it is healing- josh does look a little pale in that last one!

Kim said...

UGH!!!! Thanks for sharing...NOT! That just makes me so queazy! Glad he's doing so well!

Kim & Elise

Angie (angiesappliques) said...

I am so glad Josh is doing better!! He will appreciate all these graphic pics one day :)