Sunday, November 12, 2006

Playgroup party and more

Ring around the Rosies
Happy Birthday to me! She turns 3 November 30th.
Opening presents.
Notice Ana Claire's shoes. I prayed for a girly girl and God blessed me with one.
Greg eating his napkin. BTW, he won.
Clay eating his napkin.

Ana Claire saying NO WAY!
Josh gagged on his.

The boys were out of school on Friday and we just happened to have playgroup that day. Clay was a good sport and played Ring around the Rosies with the girls. Ana Claire had alot of fun playing with her friends and got some good practice for her birthday.

Later that evening the boys with one of our friends decided to have a little race.....who could eat a napkin the quickest. I didn't quite understand this. I guess this is a guy thing.


Drew and Lori said...

eating a napkin???? i'm with you--i just don't get it.. definitely a guy thing!

Hodge Family News said...


It IS a guy thing!!! gross!