Friday, November 03, 2006

Practicing with her fingers to show she is turning three

I am going to be three at the end of this month.
Come on Mom, sing to me one more time.....PLEASE!I am two years old.
Sweet girl! She has been to several birthdays the past two months and can't wait to have her birthday. She knows what it is all about this year.


Tammy said...

Could she get any cuter? Love the outfit!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! We will start on that too!! AC looks beautiful in the green outfit!! Well, she looks beautiful in whatever she wears!


Drew and Lori said...

lisa- i love looking at AC's left hand while she is making a 3 in her right. don't you love watching them learn to get those fingers working?

Green, Party of Four said...

You are too cute AC in your sweet outfit!