Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who is Hannah Grace?

Pictures below are the most recent.
Ana Claire has been talking about "her" baby alot lately. Several have asked what baby is she talking about? I decided to post a photo of her so you know who she is talking about. Hannah Grace is the daughter of some good friends of ours. Her parents are Greg and Stephanie Ragland. The one thing Ana Claire doesn't understand is why "her" baby isn't home yet. Hannah Grace is still in China. She is 20 months old. Her parents are waiting as patiently as they can for the TA so they can bring her home. We are all praying that she will be home for Christmas.

Ana Claire is adamant that Hannah Grace is "her" baby.

We have tried telling her that she is Greg and Stephanie's baby, but she isn't interested in hearing that. I guess this will be as close to a little sister as she will get. I can't wait to get these two girls together. I think they will have alot of fun! Come on CCAA please send their TA!


Drew and Lori said...

how cute! she is adorable! i pray for a speedy TA as well!

Doug & Melody Kemp said...

I think I know this adorable little girl!
She is a doll, I pray for a speedy TA also, it would be wonderful is they could travel with us! Looking forward for all the girls to play together! My prayer is that they will be all life long friends!

Zoey's Mom, Melody

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that on your blog!!! It has brought a BIG smile to my face!
I am so thankful to have you all in our lives! Y'all have been a great blessing to us!
Ana Claire, your baby will be home soon! I can't wait for the two of you to play with toys, dress-up and get into trouble together!
Lisa, we are going to have our hands full! Love all of you guys! Steph

Steph said...

You can see I haven't exactly figured out this blogger thing!