Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ABC's All about me

ABC'S all about me!
I have been Tagged by Tammy!
A - available or taken: Taken
B- best friend: My husband
C- cake or pie: key lime pie
D- drink of choice: Diet Dr Pepper
E-essential item you use everyday: microwave
F-favorite color: Purple
G-gummy bears or worms: Neither but if I had to choose...Worms
H-hometown: Alabaster
I-indulgence: Chocolate
J-January or February: February (my bday month)
K-kid's names: Josh (15), Clay (12), Ana Claire (3)
L-life incomplete without: Family
M-marriage date: March 28, 1987 (20 years this year)
N-number of siblings: 1 younger sister
O-oranges or apples: Apples
P-phobias or fears: One of my children dying
Q-favorite quote: Live, Laugh, Love
R-reason to smile: My kids
S-season: Fall
T-tag 3 people: Sonya, DeEtte, Lori J
U-unknown fact about me: I have a very small foot, I actually wear kid shoes
V-veggie I don't like: Butter beans
W-worst habit: Second guessing myself
X-xrays: my ribs, my mom hit me with the car accidently while backing out of the garage and insisted that I be xrayed. No broken bones, sure there are more, just can't remember right now
Y-your favorite food: Seafood
Z-zodiac: Aquarius


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