Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two years ago

All of her clothes minus the hat, they took it from me.
Layer one
Top layer
Checking out the hole in her split pants
January 2005
January 2007


Two years ago today we met Ana Claire briefly in the lobby of our hotel. I tried my best to hold back my tears of joy so that I would not scare her. I couldn't believe all those months of waiting, dreaming and wondering, there she was in my arms. God had finally answered my prayers. I had three children. I had my two boys and I finally had my daughter that I thought I would never have. Ten minutes later they were taking her away from me and told us we couldn't have her back until after we went to the civil affairs office. I thought to myself no way, so did the other mother of the family that traveled with us.

We ended up riding on the same bus to the civil affairs office, but we weren't allowed to hold them on the bus. After the girls were taken off the bus, we had to sit there for about 5 minutes until we could go inside. After checking our papers and passports we were united with our daughter forever. It is so hard to believe that it has been two years. God is so good!
Today I was talking to Ana Claire about this special day. I asked her if she would like to go and try the clothes on that she was wearing when we were united for the first time. She was so funny. She asked why were the clothes so little. I told her she was a baby when we got her and she was a big girl now.

She had a couple of layers on. When we were trying the clothes on she noticed that one pair of the pants had a large hole in the crotch of them. Of course she thought the pants just had a big hole in them. I told her these were split pants. This was what children wore in China. They rarely wore panties or diapers. If they had to go potty they just squatted and pottied through the opening. She thought it was very funny. She laughed and said "No they not."
Happy Forever Family Day Ana Claire
We love you!


Jane said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, wow, what a difference 2 years makes!!! Great pictures and lovely to see your Gotcha day pics too! I am imagining how hard it must have been to hold back your tears when you saw Ana Claire for the first time, I tear up even thinking about that moment! :) I will definitely have to work on that!

Love the pics below too, she really suits green.

Hodge Family News said...

WOW! That is a GREAT idea!! You know I will copy you!


DeEtte said...

I love the idea too! That is so cool! Happy Forever Family Day!!

Tammy said...

Hmmmm....wonder where you got that idea???? LOL! It is truly hard to believe how much they have grown in two years!


Drew and Lori said...

What a sweet idea! Happy Forever Day!! WOW- two years!! She is beautiful!