Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Trip to China

Tom received a phone call today to let him know that it is about time for him to travel to China.
We have been anticipating this call for a few months now. The company that he works for is sending him to oversee a project they are working on. He will travel to Weifang, Shandong.
I would love to have the opportunity to travel with him to go back to Ana Claire's homeland. This will not be possible at this time. So I will stay home to take care of the kids. Darn it. We do hope to travel back as a family when Ana Claire gets older and can remember the trip. We want to take her back to the city she is from and hope to visit the orphanage that she was taken to until she was placed in foster care. We want her to be proud of her heritage and culture.
Please keep Tom in your prayers as he prepares for his journey. Please pray for me that I don't pull all of my hair out while he is gone. LOL


Hodge Family News said...

Oh, I wish your whole family could go with Tom. We will keep you in our prayers!!!


drew and lori said...

we will be praying!! i hope he has a wonderful trip and that you will have a blessed time here- i know its got to be hard to not jump on that plane with him!

jie said...

When AC is older, the whole family can go together!