Saturday, February 17, 2007

Which would you choose?

Which would you choose, popcorn or freeze dried fish with sesame seeds? Ding, ding, ding, Ana Claire chose the freeze dried fish over popcorn. We discovered this tasty little treat at the Asian food market. I will say they are pretty tasty over fried rice, but AC loves to eat them right out of the container for a snack.

If you scroll on down you can see another post from the weekend. We had company and the girls gave us a grand performance with their acrobat show.


Tammy said...

EWWWW, sorry AC but that looks really gross! I would have definately have gone for the popcorn. Looks like you and Hannah Grace had fun playing on your ballet bar!


Hodge said...

I bet Katie Lin will like them too!

Paige Betterton said...

That is the grossest thing I've have ever seen!!! I hope to never see those in person! Grace and I do, however, hope to see you soon!

Paige and Grace

Kim said...

ICK! I thought it was nails...yes indeed I did! Remind me to stay out of the Asian food section at the market!

Journey to Lilly! said...

ewww!! that doesn't sound to tasty!! Do I have to buy that for my Lilly when I get her home?? I better visit a Chinese store to start getting use to these strange foods! hehe! really, I hope Lilly just sticks with good ol American food...especially popcorn!
Great post!

Jane said...

Ewwww, AC looks like she is enjoying them though! Happy Chinese New Year to you all!