Sunday, March 18, 2007

More China Photos

Taken from his taxi going to the job site.
Streets of Weifang

Tom is still having battery problems. He can't find batteries that will last. They are taking a trip to a hardware store today to get supplies for the job. He is hoping to get some more batteries that have a longer life. He said he can't take more than a few photos before his camera dies. He said last night he and the other few that are working on this job sat down to a fabulous feast of all sorts of Chinese cuisine. It brings back so many memories. I miss embracing the culture and looking forward to the next meal experience. We tried to enjoy all the Chinese food we could while we were there for our adoption journey.

Tom said the photo of the wheelbarrow is something that used on the job site. He is continuously amazed at how hardworking and resourceful this group of men are working on the site.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them to see more detail.

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The Ferrill's said...

Thank you so much for these pics! Fascinating! I know you must miss him. I REALLY hope that when we go to China we will look forward to the Chinese feasts and cuisine...this is encouraging as I'm a bit concerned about my palate when we're there. I'm too picky. I confess.