Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pictures from the past

It was a rainy dreary day here in AL today. I decided to go through some of our photos and pick out a few of my favorites of Ana Claire. They aren't in any kind of order. The worm photos had to have a collage made all for itself. When we first brought Ana Claire home she wasn't afraid of any kind of bug or in this case a worm. She had the best time playing with this worm. She did try to eat it. Before you wonder if I let her eat it. The answer is a big NO! I took it away once she tried putting it in her mouth. You can click on the photos to get a better look.


Hodge said...

Oh YES, we had yucky weather in North Alabama too! Seems like yesterday that I looked at these pics of AC...WOW how she has changed!!!

Thanks for sharing.... those are GREAT!!!


Tammy said...

What cute idea! I was fun going through all the pictures and watch AC grow. The worm picture is so funny. I ate a worm when I was little and told my mom it was spaghetti! YUCK!

mommy24treasures said...

I am glad you did this! I loved seeing your memory lane pics. Very sweet, they grow up fast.

The Ferrill's said...

how fun to see how Ana Claire has grown and changed! She's still such a beauty with bright shining eyes! Thanks for sharing!

Sophie's Mom said...

Found your website today, love it! What a cutie! The pictures are great.