Monday, May 14, 2007

Best Friends

Sonya and Katie Lin came to Birmingham to visit today. I forgot my camera. I could have kicked myself. Sonya remembered hers and sent me these photos. Thank you Sonya! These two girls love playing with one another. They always make the most of their time together playing! They talk about one another all the time. We love you Katie Lin!


Jane said...

What great "girly" pictures! Love them.

The Ferrill's said...

Sweet girls! My Katie Lyn is still best friends with her friend from when she was 2 years old! They're 10 now and like sisters!

Hodge said...

OK LISA! Your page looks soooooo much better than mine!!!

Did you notice BOTH of Ana Claire's feet are off the floor in one picture? The girls are so cute together!!! Too bad we don't live closer.

Hope to see you again very soon!!!

Sonya and Katie Lin

mommy24treasures said...

a blogging moomma without a camera?? uhoh!;)

Very sweet pics.