Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let's play tag

I have been tagged by Emily. I am supposed to post 7 things that people don't know about me. Mmmmm, this could be hard. I will try.

1. I have very small feet. In fact they are so small I have to wear children shoes.

2. I teach preschool gymnastics three days a week.

3. I have to watch television to fall asleep.

4. I am a shy person, but you might not know that in Blogger world.

5. I love to monogram and embellish clothes, especially for Ana Claire.

6. I have a son that is about to turn 16 and get his driver's license. I am having a hard time believing this!

7. I have a very big sweet tooth. I wish I didn't but I do. Chocolate is my favorite!

I am going to tag a few people that I think will play along. They are Laine, Tammy, and Connie.
After reading this be sure to scroll down and look at Ana Claire's photos from today.


AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

1st of all, the pictures below are just DARLING!

2nd, thanks for playing. I love reading everyone's answers! I can't believe how small your feet are! Wow! What would I do without sweets?

mommy24treasures said...

ok I will play :) I will have to think a little while !
Very beautiful pics!!!
Wow children's shoes I wish I could say the same thing :( I have larger feet than anyone wants to believe.
Isn't it funny how blogging brings out us shy girls?
and yes it can be hard to believe that you ahve a teen. Mine will be 15 this summer!

The Ferrill's said...

I'm game! We're having some computer issues but I'll try to post tonight. feet are so HUGE. Size NINE! That's neat you teach gymnastics! And sometimes I wish I WAS shy!
This is fun, Lisa...thanks! Gets my mind off of the wait!