Monday, June 04, 2007

Swim Lessons

Ana Claire started swim lessons today. I posted the photos in order of her mood. She didn't like being handed over to someone she has only seen a handful of times. Anyone that knows AC knows she doesn't do well in this type of situation. Linda Glass is giving her lessons. She taught Josh and Clay both to swim. I couldn't think of anyone better to teach her. While we were waiting to bring AC home we talked about this day, when she would teach our baby girl to swim. I wasn't planning to get in and swim, but I ended up in the pool anyway. That was all it took for her to warm up to Linda. Before you knew it she was putting her head under the water and kicking her feet. I wonder how tomorrow will be.


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

WAY TO GO AC!!! Good luck tomorrow!!!


The Ferrill's said...

you're a great mommy! you knew just what to do for AC to make her more comfortable.
i know my days of sitting by the pool and watching my children swim are about over. i'll be getting in with my toddlers again!
i bet AC's going to be swimming before the week's out!

mommy24treasures said...

great!!! Sounds like next week would be a great time for you guys to come over and test out the lessons!;)
Caitlyn got in on her own for the first time today. She had her arm wings and her vest and was swmimming all over.