Friday, September 21, 2007

Hair: To Cut or not to Cut

Sept 2006
Sept 2007
Ana Claire's hair has grown alot over the past year. It is so thin. I kept it in a cute bob for a while to help thicken it up. I loved it like this, but her daddy wanted her to have long hair. Of course now she doesn't want it cut. The two collages are comparing her hair. So do I cut if off or let it keep growing? I can't decide.
You can click on the collages to get a closer look.


Morrisa said...

I love the bob!!! She looks precious with her hair like that. Like a China doll.

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I am a huge fan of long hair but after seeing her in the bob I'd have choose that style. She looks absoutley adorable! And I'm not a big fan of the bob on many Asian girls. I think you have to have a certain look to pull it off. Ana Clair certainly can!! (But, she's beautiful either way!)

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

You can't go wrong either way! If you want a change cut it! She is a DOLL in the bob!!!! And, her hair grows soooooooo fast it will be long again before you know it!!!

SO GO FOR IT! (Jeff would say NO WAY LEAVE IT LONG!)

Hope that helps!


DeEtte said...

I agree with Sonya. She's adorable either way. But, if you're tempted to cut it, go for it. It'll give you both a chance to see how you like it AND it really will grow back fast.

Jewels of My Heart said...

She is so beautiful. Hannah's hair is really thin too. I think I like it long even more. Either way you can't go wrong... she is darling!

Melanie said...

Actually,I LOVE long.
I like how It's now, She looks so cute and her hair looks so healthy and shiny.
But she would look cute in any of them!
I tried to look at the net any Kids Haircuts website. But I can't find any with good pictures! So, if you want more ideas try to find a magazine.
Hope I help!
Melanie :)

Anonymous said...

I like both lenghts, but my fav is the long hair!


Holly said...

Oh I don't know.....she looks adorable with it long and short! I guess if I had to chose I would say long.

Stephanie said...

you know, you could go either way with it because she looks cute with long and short hair! You are right though she does have really thin hair which is easy to keep up compared to thick so if she wants to keep it long, then I would let her. :)

mommy24treasures said...

well, we are in the same situation. Caitlyn's is thin as well, but daddy loves it long so we stick with it. Maybe trim it a little maybe an inch or an inch and a half? , sometimes just a little bit really makes a dif.
She is such a beautiful girl.

JulieM said...

I love the bob ... i went through the same thoughts all summer with my little girl. We cut it off a couple weeks ago and we all love it. It looks so much healthier and so much easier to take care off. She has gotten so many comments about her hair that she thinks she's quite something now. You can always grow it back out for piggies next summer ... that was my thought process anyway!

Taryn said...

Ana Claire is such a doll!!! I have really enjoyed looking through your blog! I LOVE the little personalized shirts you have for her that say Ana Claire and how you put matching bows in her hair!...ADORABLE!!

I love the short hair, but I just love her pig either way I think it looks so cute!

Tammy said...

I LOVE the BOB! I was so sad when Sydney decided to finally let her hair grow. She has had a bob since she was 3! Payton has a funky cowlic in the back so I can't go too short with her hair but if I could I would bob it! Eventhough I love AC with her hair both ways, my vote is for the bob!


Lisa said...

Thank you for all the feedback!!!! Ana Claire keeps telling me no way to cutting her hair. I keep showing her the photos of her cute little bob. We may have to compromise and cut a few inches off to see if that will help.

asiangarden said...

You would get an A+ with the bob in Chinese circles. They don't like a girls hair to be too long because it will give them a headache when they get older...or something like that! ha ha There are so many superstitions about hair it's not even funny!
I like long, but I agree maybe keep it short to let it look healthier.

The Ferrill's said...

Well, she is a doll either way, Lisa! Hmmm...decisions decisions!
Goodness, I don't know! She's just scrumptious with short or long hair! Her piggy tails sure are cute with her long hair, I will say that!

Lori said...

Oh I love her short bob, so cute!
My 8 year old son loves the longer hair,so there you go! :D
She's beautiful either way!