Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long Post: Gotcha Anniversary, CNY and birthdays

Happy Birthday Katie Lin!
Ana Claire, Cally, and Carly(Carly and Ana Claire were adopted at the same time)
Ana Claire wasn't so sure about playing and splashing in the mud. She figured out very quickly it was alot of fun!

The horses enjoyed nibbling on my hair.
Cally and Ana Claire
Ana Claire with the Copleys
Ready to go!
The gang before we went to celebrate CNY
The boys and their girlfriends
Our group(we were missing a few)
Jenna and Ana Claire
Paige and Ana Claire

Jenna, Mackenze, Hannah Grace and Ana Claire

B irthday kiss

I can't believe that it has been almost two weeks since I last posted. I have had alot of personal things that needed my attention......meaning less blogging time. I have to catch up on all my favorite blogs to see what you have been up to.

Last weekend Ana Claire and myself went up to North AL, for Katie Lin's birthday and then on to the country to visit the family we traveled with to China. They own a horse farm. What a treat for us two city girls. It was so peaceful. The girls had a great time playing and Ana Claire had a blast feeding the horses and riding.

Connie Green, I went through Athens coming home. I wished I would have known your phone number to meet up for a short visit. Maybe next time.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year with our local China families. The kids had a blast. We enjoyed fellowshipping with others and the food was GREAT!

I also celebrated another birthday this weekend. Why the older you get the quicker they seem to roll around? Tom and the kids made sure I felt special. They gave me one of those cool digital frames that constantly does a slideshow.
Melinda, a friend of ours had us over for dinner and cake. Thank you for doing that it was great!


Sonya said...

I have been so worried about you!
Sorry that you have been sick!
Not like you to go so long without blogging.
Hope you are all better!


PS loved seeing all the new pics

Melanie said...

Ha! I was waiting for an update. I love AC's chinese outfit, It's so cuute:)
Happy happy (belated) birthday to you!
Seems like you had a great time!

Sheri said...

You were missed! Loved the update on all that you've been up to. Is Ana Claire making "fish lips" in one of the pictures? Too cute! Happy Birthday!

DeEtte said...

Hey! Great pictures! We had fun at CNY too. Thanks for being the organizer!!

Jake and Taryn said...

I have missed seeing what you all have been up to and I am so glad you are back!! I LOVE all of your pictures! Ana Claire looks adorable as always! :) The pictures of the boys with their girlfriends are also so sweet!

mommy24treasures said...

Happy birthday, I know at times we have to take a break, I hope things are well. Love all the pics.

Green, Party of Four said...


I hope you had a wonderful b'day and I wish I had given you my number. I would have loved to seen you. Here is my cell (256-658-9291). Lily would love to play with Ana Claire. Our girls are growing up.


LucisMomma said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ana Claire really looks smitten with that little one in pink--is it Hannah Grace? Such sweet pictures of them together...

and what is that, *both* boys have girlfriends?! Oh, how they grow up so fast!

Grace said...

Happy belated birthday Lisa!!! That is really special for celebrating CNY and I love the girls traditional outfits - so cute!!!

LaLa said...

Love all the pics..the birthday kiss is priceless!!! Good to have you back : )

Cyndi said...

What beautiful children. And happy late birthday.

Holly said...

Wow sounds like you guys have been busy! Wonderful pictures. Ana Claire looks beautiful in her purple China outfit.

Nicole said...

AC looks beautiful in her lavender outfit! Great pictures...

Jewels of My Heart said...

Happy Birthday!
I love all the pics. I have missed so many posts but am so happy for you as you celebrate your Gotcha Day and seeing that your Ana Claire's heart has healed... it was so wonderful to see her in the arms of someone she used to fear so terribly.
God Bless

Sophie's Mom said...

Wow, you surely have been busy! Glad you're back!

The Ferrill's said...

Welcome back, Lisa! You were missed!
Do I live to far north to be in your FCC group? I don't have one, and I would love the fellowship!
I love all the pics, and your boys have the cutest grins with their sweet little girls!

Jie said...

Happy CNY! Seems that you guys had a good time!

drew and lori said...

loved all the new pictures! happy birthday late!

Stephanie said...

Happy Late birthday and don't worry about the not blogging, I have been very bad at it lately myself. :) I am glad you had fun at the horse farm, I LOVE horses!!