Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary Thomas H

I couldn't let today slip by without posting. Today Tom and I have been married for twenty one wonderful years. This time last year Tom was in China. You can check the archives on the side from last March of his adventure.

We were at dinner tonight talking and reminiscing and I realized that I have been married exactly half my life. A friend kept the kids so we could grab a few hours of alone time. This time is so rare and precious. Thank you Melinda.


I also wanted to give an update on my dad and thank everyone for the comments and emails. It has truly meant alot to me. My dad came through his surgery fine. He has had a few side affects, but nothing alarming. He is still very tired, but he is resting and healing. He goes back to the doctor the second week of April.


The Princess's Mommy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Congrats on 21 years! That's awesome!

So glad to hear that your dad is doing well. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!


Denna said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sonya said...


So thankful to hear the news from your Dad! Praise God!

drew and lori said...

great pictures! happy anniversary! i am so glad you got to celebrate!

Nicole said...

Happy Aniversary to you! I am so glad to hear about your father. You have been on my mind lately. I am sorry about your Grandmother.

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and here's to 21 more blissful years of marriage!

Grace said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

I'm glad your father made it through his surgery! God Bless!!!

mommy24treasures said...

oh how sweet :) Happy Anniversary Lisa!

Green, Party of Four said...

Happy Anniversary guys~ We are not far behind you as we will celebrate 24 years this year. Wow.......

Im so glad you Dad is feeling better. Our prayers are with you and all of your family.

Miss chatting with you. Give al those kids a big old hug from us.

Green Party of Four

LucisMomma said...

Happy Anniversary!

Love the old family photos, too.

Sheri said...

Happy 21st anniversary! I love the pictures of you with your hubby. Did he rob the cradle?