Saturday, November 01, 2008

Our Happy Hallow Day and Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin Carving

Daisey Mei with her glowing eyes. Hasn't she gotten big. She weighs close to 45 pounds.

Josh and Ana Claire
Fall Festival

An Ex-President came to see us.
Clay's costume
Look Butterbug is flying

Ana Claire and Shaylee on the go for candy

My Butterbug
We carved pumpkins two different nights. Josh is getting to big I guess to partake in the festivities. He was to busy talking to his gf to help carve pumpkins.
We had a great time yesterday. We started our day off by going to preschool. I helped with the Fall Festival at Ana Claire's preschool. She didn't want to go because she was scared to. I told her she would have a great time and she did.
When the boys got home we all prepared to do our own thing. Josh went to his girlfriends for a cookout, hayride and some ghoulish fun. No pictures of him. Clay got ready to go out with some of his friends. Ana Claire got dressed for her fun with her friend Shaylee. She had told me she wanted to be a ladybug, then she wanted to be a polka dot, then she said no she wanted to be a butterfly. She ended up being a combination of a ladybug and a butterfly...... she was a butterbug. Thanks Chad for helping me come up with a name.
After trick or treating we brought the girls back to our house for hotdogs and a little dancing with Mei Mei. We had a great day.


Michelle said...

What a cute little bug!!! You got some great pics, Lisa and looks like the kids had a great time!!!!

Super Mommy said...

Great pictures! The Fall Festival with your love bug sounds fun!! We attended one too - but ours was at night. Love the costumes. Did you dress Daisy Mei? She is a pretty puppy for sure!

P.S. Check my blog - I gave you an award!

Sonya said...

Ana Claire you are the cutiest butterbug ever!!!
YES! Taht is a GREAT name!!!
Sounds like a FUN time! Wish I had taken more pic of KL!
Like you said SHAME one me!!!

Nicole said...

What an adorable butterbug! I love the new do too!

mommy24treasures said...

glad you had a happy halloween. Oh my Daisy has GROWN!!!!

Grace said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Don't feel bad about Josh getting too big to enjoy the festivities - he's in your heart =)

Love the costumes!!!!

Lauren and Ed said...

Love the picture of her jumping in the air. She is so beautiful and with her hair short she is even more striking!

sara said...

This is so funny because in an email I told you that I was dreaming about a red tutu!! I am going to get out my tutu-orial this weekend!! XOXO, Sara

Sheri said...

Isn't it great that we have little ones that we can still dress up and have fun with? My boys were off with their friends, too, and my oldest didn't carve a pumpkin either. Anna Claire is adorable as a butterbug. :)

Missy said...

Such fun in all of these pictures!!! I really liked little bits costume. Daisy is soo cute. I love they eyes : )

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

What a cute butterbug!!! I love her hair!!!