Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrating Five Years

Five years ago. It was 1/31/05 in China.
Ana Claire with her referral photo.

Trying her clothes on she wore the day we first met her.

Clay, Ana Claire, and Josh

Today five years ago we were in Changsha, Hunan meeting our baby girl for the first time.
So hard to believe.

We asked Ana Claire what she would like to do to celebrate our family day. Her request was to go eat Chinese food, eat key lime pie (her favorite dessert), play games and she wanted a fish. She wanted a goldfish, but after talking to the salesperson at the pet store we ended up with a blue Beta.
We love you Ana Claire!
Be sure to look below for the winner of the key chain.


Steve and Jan said...

Wow! Isn't it amazing how time flies! (kind of scary too)

Congratulations on Family Day!

AC I remember when your Mommy and Daddy and brothers were waiting for you :-) What a blessing you have been to your Forever Family.


Keisha said...

What a sweet way to celebrate!!! Happy Family Day!!

Btw: I love the magnets.. ADORABLE!

LaLa said...

Happy Family Day!! Love her in her outfit : ) She is so beautiful and you are so blessed!

The Ferrill's said...

Hey Lisa!
Happy Family Day AC!!!!!!! What a beautiful girl you are!

Lisa, I have sent you several emails and I'm worried you're not getting them. For some reason lots of people are not getting my emails, but on my end they are sent just fine....not sure what's up.

sallee said...

YAY!! congrats !!
what a cute idea of trying the 'gotcha-day' clothes!! Ana Claire is just precious!!
blessings to her and you!!

Grace said...

Congratulations! Such a princess!!!