Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrating our 100th day of home school

Ignore the pizza sauce on the artwork. LOL She had it on her hand from lunch. She didn't want to stop to eat.
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Yesterday we had a fun day celebrating 100 days of home school. We started by checking our calendar and counting our straws by 10's. She bounced on her bouncy ball 100 times. Afterwards we started on the cake. While it was baking she counted out 100 poms and sorted by color and graphed them on a chart. She made her 100 piece of art with the poms. During the day we worked on our list. She wrote 100 words that we will be coding next week. Great way to work on handwriting. LOL She decorated the cake and worked a 100 piece puzzle. At the end of our day she wanted to do more.
If you haven't put your name in for the giveaway, be sure you look below on the previous post and please do so. Thank you and good luck.


Football & Fried Rice said...

I wanted to mention yesterday how excited I was that homeschooling is going so well! I love celebrating 100 days - that means you are what? 2/3 done? Whatever it means, it is worthy of celebrating!

Jewels of My Heart said...

That is so cool! I knew you girls could do it! Your school looks like more fun than ours! lol

Grace said...

Aww - sweet! I didn't know you were home schooling...... how are you liking it??

Super Mommy said...

Love your 100-day projects...Jasmine and I are still trying to decide what we are going to do for hers. Her Kindergarten teacher wants us to do 10-10's to help with skip'd be easier just to get 100 of something and make a design!

Mel said...

Lisa, I have your necklace half done in the studio. Sorry I haven't been in touch I think about you all often:) I am so happy to hear homeschooling is going so well! We are switching Jetty's school after spring break to a Charter School.