Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can you guess where we went?

Checking into the hotel. The girls were catered to by the hotel attendants. Each getting special treats. One being a bed waiting for them in our room.
So many baby many choices.

Believe it or not it didn't take them long to decide.

Back at the hotel taking their babies out of their boxes. They took them for a quick stroll before their special snack, milk and cookies.

Ready for bed. Another big day.

Primping, ready to go. Back to American Girl for a special lunch.

While Sonya and I waited for our referrals, we would talk and dream about the girl trips we would go on. We recently made one of our dreams come true. We drove over to Atlanta for the weekend. I think we were just as excited as the little girls were. I was really hoping that AC would choose one of the Just Like You dolls, but when we got there she was quickly drawn to the twins. There are so many beautiful dolls to choose from. She got to choose which to twin babies she would adopt. She knew without a doubt she didn't want one of the boy baby dolls. The two girls quickly told the person helping us they both had two mean brothers at home. LOL
Ana Claire chose the chinese and hispanic baby girls.
She named them Rubi and Lola.
Now we are dreaming Chicago.... American Girl, China Town....

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Alyson and Ford said...

How sweet! Such a special day and so many memories! Love the pictures.

Alyzabeth's Mommy