Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feeling Better

I love her little toes.

Ana Claire finally got the okay from the doctor to run, jump and play. Thank goodness. We have been enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.
Ana Claire is in to hats right now. We love our new one. We found it at this etsy shop.
If you look below I posted a couple of pictures of Clay.


Laine said...

Hey Lisa! I'm sorry I had no idea AC had surgery! I'm glad she's better, and she sure does look adorable in her hats!!!!!!!!
I miss yall and would love to catch up!

Grace said...

I've been lost in the blog world... I didn't know AC had surgery either... I'm trying to look back, but can't see what it was for. Please keep me updated - I'm always on FB.

She's sure growing up fast! Such a beautiful girl!!!