Thursday, February 03, 2011

Celebrating our SIX years with our Hunan Princess

AC and KL
We went to the country to visit the family we traveled with to China.
On the way, we had to stop and visit with Sonya and KL.

AC loved visiting with girls and feeding the horses. It is always so peaceful there.

They tried their clothes on they wore on their "Gotcha Day". I don't think they will fit into them next year. This year brought alot of questions from the girls. They are insistant that they are related... sisters, cousins or something since they come from the same orphanage. We explained to them we didn't have all the answers to some of their questions, but if that is how they wanted to write their story of their time in China that was fine with us. AC's questions gave me alot to think about and I know I need to finish her lifebook.


 Below are some photos from our time in China. Its amazing to see how much the girls have grown and changed. 

We called the doorman, "The Mad Hatter".

We were amazed that she could actually feed herself with chopsticks.

When we returned to our hotel from the Civil Affairs office, she passed out and slept for a few hours. I guess this was a way of her coping with all the changes.

We love you baby girl!

Clay an AC


Lindy said...

I love your response to their insistence that they are related. And why not? They are sisters of the same orphanage. It's so nice that you have kept up with this relationship. Darling girls! How sweet that their Gotcha Day outfits matched. (I am here from Sara's blog.)

Football and Fried Rice said...

I think it's PRECIOUS that their outfits matched!? And I agree with Lindy - they will always be China sisters! What an awesome way to celebrate six year, at the start of CNY - so glad you are with your Forever Family, Ana Claire!

Steve and Jan said...

I remember you bringing Ana Claire home like it was yesterday! She is so beautiful!

I also love your response about the girls being sisters....such a sweet thought.

We love and miss you guys!

Jan (and Olivia)