Sunday, October 08, 2006

Poor Josh

Just to warn you the photos below aren't for the weak stomached. :)
I got a call from Tom yesterday that Josh had a wreck on his dirtbike and he had carried him to the ER. I was with my mom and sister when he called. They dropped me off at the hospital and after I saw Josh I knew I wasn't leaving. My mom took Clay and Ana Claire home with her. After they x-rayed his arm they told us it was broke. Looking at the photo below we had already figured that one out. :) When I came in and Tom showed me his arm, my stomach got queezy and my body felt like a noodle. The doctor came in and told us that his break was going to require surgery, and plate and some screws to put one of the bones back into place. The surgery itself took a little over an hour. After they brought him to his room, Tom went home and took a shower and went to my parents to pick up the kids and brought them to the hospital to see Josh. I took the kids home and Tom stayed the night with Josh. I felt so guilty for leaving him. That was my baby and I should have been there, but I had to come home and stay with the other two. He had his dad there and he was fine.
When I got home last night and looked at these photos, I just sat here and cried. I thanked God that he was okay and he wasn't hurt any worse than a broken arm and some cuts and bruises. You know how your mind wonders sometimes and you think about all the things that could have happened. This was the first time that one of our kids have had a broken bone and I hope they don't ever have another one.

Before Surgery.
After surgery.
The break


Hodge Family News said...

POOR POOR Josh!!! We are praying for you! Praise God it was only his arm!

DeEtte said...

Oh Lisa - Yikes! Poor Josh!! I'm praying for ya!

DeEtte said...

Lisa, I wanted to e-mail you, but couldn't find your e-mail address. E-mail me when you get a chance..I want to ask you about an outing with AC in a couple weeks.
Thanks, DeEtte

Kristi said...

Lisa - That was a nasty break! I know Josh will just LOVE the pics you posted of him after surgery! God bless him! PTL it was just his arm and now that is on the mend already! Kristi

Tammy said...

Poor Josh is right! That is a nasty break. I must stomach did go flip floppy. It really looks yucky! Hope he heels fast!

aljay said...

OMG!!! Poor Josh. I can't believe what his arm looked like before surgery. Hope everyone is doing better and that Josh is recovering nicely.