Sunday, October 08, 2006

What a Weekend

Ana Claire sitting on the gorgeous countertop in the kitchen.

This is the entrance to the house.

Well the weekend starting out like any other weekend. Normal.
I went with my sister and mom to see a house that my BIL has built. Bobby is a builder. One of his homes that he had in the Parade of Homes (it won an award by the way) he named in honor of Ana Claire. It was named Ana Claire's Treasure. I have to say he did a fabulous job! It was beautiful! Wish we could afford to live in it. LOL
We were going to go see another house when I got a call from Tom. One of those calls that a mom doesn't want to get. I thank God that Josh just come out with a broken arm, and some cuts and bruises.


Hodge Family News said...

Beautiful house named after a beautiful girl!!!

Drew and Lori said...

praying for a speedy recovery for josh!!