Thursday, November 30, 2006


Riding her sit and spin
Mommy and AC
Watching the Mariachi Band
She didn't quite know what to think when they sang to her.
Opening presents
What's in there?
Giving JoJo a ride
She loves JoJo


Happy Birthday! Ana Claire turns three today!

It is so hard to believe that she is already three. We went to the doctor this morning. She did really well. She didn't cry until it was time for shots. She weighs in at a whopping 23 pounds and is 35" tall.

What a precious gift we have been blessed with. It makes me sad that we missed the first year of her life.

I have been thinking alot of her birthmother. I wonder if she is thinking of the baby that she gave up three years ago. I think about the pain and grief she must have felt. I honestly can't even imagine having to give my baby up. I would love for her to know her loss was our gain and that her baby girl is loved beyond words can say. I would love to tell her what a beautiful, precious, nurturing child she is. I would love to let her know how much she has grown, the things that she is interested in such as painting,and writing, that she loves animals, what she likes to eat, her favorite color, toy, I could go on and on.

I guess another reason I am thinking alot of her because on December 13th marks our two year anniversary of getting our referral and seeing Ana Claire's precious face for the first time. She will have a little party on Saturday. I will post photos of us celebrating. We took her to eat. We let her choose where she wanted to go. I thought she would choose to go eat noodles, but no she wanted salsa and cheese dip. She loves mexican food. The spicier the better. We really do have a SPICE girl in every sense of the word.

Happy Birthday baby girl!


Green, Party of Four said...

Happy Birthday Ana Claire! I hope you enjoyed your wonderful day. You are so blessed with a wonderful family. Lily Grace would love to see you again.
Green Party of Four

Hodge Family News said...

Ana Claire,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! Katie Lin can't wait to party with you on Saturday, and I hope to get lots of hugs and kisses from my AC!!!



Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Ana Claire!!!!! Wish we could be closer to celebrate with you!


DeEtte said...

Happy Birthday Ana Claire! You look like such a big girl! Hope you had a GREAT day!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Ana Claire!!! I love your cute party dress and matching bow!

jie said...

Happy Birthday!