Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Short update on Josh's arm

Remember this? 10/7
11/29 today
11/08 after cast
We went back to the dr today. After x-raying his arm the dr told him no dirtbike for another month. Josh was really disappointed. He was hoping to come home and take a ride. The bone that required the plate has still yet to totally heal. It hs grown back together almost half way. The other break looks good. The dr. highly suggested physical therapy since he has lost a good bit of motion and strength in his hand and arm. He thinks if we give it another month it should be fully healed.
His arm has come a long way. He had the wreck on 10/7. I have posted some photos of his recovery.


Tammy said...

It still makes my stomach flip flop when I look at those pictures! Glad that he is feeling better.


Jane said...

Oh, that looks painful, glad he will make a full recovery though.

Hodge Family News said...

Amazing how the body heals!!! He is so brave to want to get back on the bike!

Jane said...

About the blog banner, I just followed the instructions on this post - hope that helps!

Jane said...

the rest of the link is ...tml it didn't show up.