Monday, November 13, 2006

So many to choose from!

I went today and had Ana Claire's photo made for her third birthday. A friend, Teresa Prince, that takes wonderful photos did it for me! You can click on the link to view the photos. If you have any favorites. Please share them with me I am having a really hard time. Teresa has such a way of bringing out the best in Ana Claire! She does a fantastic job! If you need photos taken keep her in mind!
Here is the link:


Green, Party of Four said...

These pictures are awesome and to hard to pick a favorite. Ana are such a beautiful sweetie!

Green Party of Four

Tammy said...

Yikes Lisa, this is a tough decison! My favs are 4581, 4607, 4618, 4639 BUT I love them all! Teresa really does a beautiful job!


DeEtte said...

Wow - what wonderful pictures!!! Ana Claire looks beautiful in all of them!!

aljay said...

Lisa ... I LOVE all the pics but my favs are 4566 4635 4561 4589 4639
Good luck!


Jane said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. it is great to meet others on the journey. Your little girl is precious. i can see why you have a hard time picking a favorite, they are all beautiful. I especially like:
4568, 4600: there is something just so sweet and innocent about these 2 pictures
4586: this is just precious

But hey, they are all great, what a photogenic little girl!

Jie said...

My favorite ones are 4566,4584. Acutally I like all of them!!!