Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Tom

Icing the cupcakes
Taste test
Adding sprinkles
Birthday kiss with lipstick in hand

Make a wish
Tom's birthday is Christmas Eve. In the 19 years that we have been married I have surprised him on a different day in December. I just hate for his birthday to get thrown in with the holiday celebrations. He deserves his special day like anyone else.

I baked some cupcakes, Clay and Ana Claire iced and decorated them. They did a really good job. Clay got away before I could get photos of him helping. I cooked a special meal for him. When he came home we all surprised him. After dinner the kids gave him his gifts. After he opened them he shared with me that Ana Claire had told him that we got him a pair of Crocs. He also told me she calls them "Cocs". We got a laugh out of that. If she decides to talk about his shoes I will have to be on my toes. I know now that she can't keep a secret. LOL

Happy Birthday Tom! I love you!


Hodge Family News said...

That is a great idea! Happy Bday Tom!

Drew and Lori said...

What a great idea! My mom's birthday is Christmas Eve as well. And I loved your story about the Croc's! HA!

aljay said...

You look like a great little baker, AC! Camdyn loves to bake too!


jie said...

How sweet!