Monday, January 22, 2007

A Trip to the Dentist

All three kids went and got their teeth cleaned today. Good report that no one had cavities. Ana Claire did not want to have her teeth cleaned and let everyone know. This was her second visit. They just brushed her teeth with her new toothbrush. Maybe next time will be a better experience.


Denna said...

Bless her heart. Maybe you will have better luck the next time.

Tammy said...

Poor baby! Didn't she really like it the last time she went?


Jane said...

Yep, you can definitely tell she didn't like it! Aww.

Lisa said...

Hey Tammy,
She was fine the first time. She didn't cry, but wouldn't allow them to do everything either. I don't think that it helped to have a little boy next to us that was screaming his head off. LOL, They told us that his parents insisted that he have his teeth cleaned.
I am just taking it slow. I want it to be a good experience for her and not hate going to the dentist.

Hodge Family News said...

Poor Ana Claire AND YOU TOO LISA!!!