Thursday, January 25, 2007

AC playing in her room

Recently we rearranged AC's room so we could put more of her toys in there. We did this hoping she will want to play in her room more. Her room is upstairs and most of her toys have been downstairs. She is playing in there more but one of us has to be in there with her. Hopefully soon she will see it is a fun place to play.


Green, Party of Four said...

AC---What cute toys we have and I just love those cute...cute...overalls.
We are still working on Ms. Lily's playroom. We had to move Austin's playroom downstairs..due to overtaking of dolls...dolls...dolls.


Hodge Family News said...

What a cute cute little girl!!! Katie Lin can't wait to get together and play soon!!!


Kim said...

I'm getting ready to do the same...we just converted her crib into a daybed today. This could be an interesting night! I want to move some of her stuff upstairs now!

Tammy said...

Payton asked if she could go play in that room!!!!!!! Looks adorable!


Greg and Steph said...

Love the new room. Cannot wait til HG gets home and they can play in there together.



DeEtte said...

LOVE your room Ana Claire!! Hannah likes it too. And we like the overalls too!