Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our visit to Katie Lin's

Playing Mommy

In the photos above Katie Lin had a boo boo on her foot. As you can see Ana Claire was playing nurse. She was really concentrating on getting that bandaid on in just the right place. Maybe she will be a doctor or nurse one day. She has such a motherly, nurturing personality.

Taking care of their babies

Callie, Carlie, and Ana Claire (Carlie and AC came home together)
It was impossible to get all the girls to look at the camera at one time.
From l to r: Ana Claire, Karlee, Carlie, Katie Lin, Kate and Callie

Ana Claire and I went up to Decatur on Friday to visit Katie Lin and Sonya. We get the girls together as often as we can. They love to play with one another. They play so well together. They always amaze us how much they seem to love one another and are always happy to see each other. They both love to play in their kitchens and feed their babies.
We drove over the Florence on Saturday to visit the Jamieson's. Lori wanted to have an Angie's Appliques clothing show. (This is a clothing line that I am a rep for)


Journey to Lilly! said...

Hey Lisa, your new blog is great!! I would be interested in talking to someone about having an Angie's Appliques home show too!! I have Beaux et Belles, & Mudpuddles... The clothes look really cute!

Hodge said...

WOW! Your blog looks great!!!! She did a fine job!!!


Green, Party of Four said...

I notice this morning when I was checking on pictures that your blog was different and looks GREAT!

I cant wait to get my order of cute clothes and look forward to having my party this summer.

Hope to see you girls soon!