Sunday, February 25, 2007

Want a new look for your blog?

I wanted a new look for my blog, but couldn't figure out how to do it. After days of trying I contacted another blogger Emily. I love looking at her blog. She is the jie jie of another little Anna Claire. Her blog address is:
She is a very talented young girl. She was so helpful. She created the new look for my blog and gave me some pointers on how to add little things to it. So if you are interested, you can email her and give her your ideas, color choices, and blog name and she will have your "new" blog ready in 1-2 days!
Thank you so much Emily for doing this for me! My family loves it!


AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

I am glad you like it!

Journey to Lilly! said...

I love seeing girls playing babies & kitchen it is so sweet!

Jane said...

Love your new blog look! And great cute "girly" pictures below!

Hodge said...

I think it is so neat how well AC and KL play together. Just wish they could get together more often!!!

Sorry I was so sick!!! PRAYING you and AC will not get it!!


Meg said...

Your blog looks great! Emily is designing mine too, it looks fabulous!

Kim said...

Love the new blog look! It's awesome. I definately need some help with my blogs.

Lisa said...

Emily will be happy to help you. Just email her. She was so helpful to me. I think she did a great job!

Cary said...

This is great info to know.