Friday, March 16, 2007

Can you guess where the photos are from?

Well I guess it was our family's turn to get sick. I have had strep throat. I shared with Clay and he has been home all week with that and a fever virus. I hope we are on the uphill now. Ana Claire has been very fussy, but I think it is because we are out of routine and other things going on. A certain someone that she loves very much is busy somewhere else. She misses her daddy.
Baseball swings into full steam this weekend. I hope Clay is well enough for his first official game of the season. MMMMMMMM ball park food here we come.

To give you a hint about the photos above....In a previous post I posted that a certain someone was going somewhere. Can you guess where the photos are from? I am hoping he doesn't have to climb a bamboo ladder. He already has some interesting stories to tell of his adventure. He has his harness. I am glad he isn't afraid of heights.
I am sure the bamboo ladder gives it away. ;)


Jane said...

Is it somewhere in China??? Hope you all get better soon!

aljay said...


Lisa said...

You both are correct. It is Weifang Shandong China. This part of China has very few Americans travel here.

The Ferrill's said...

I'm sorry yall have been sick!
I'm living your life at the ballpark...Woo-hoo! 2 boys on 2 different teams! I know you can't wait until hubby comes home safe! Hey, could he swing over to Wuhan and get some pics of Kimmie and Quan? Hee Hee!

drew and lori said...

WOW lots of pictures! I love all the china ones- it brings back so many memories! ooh, i want to go back!! and the box pictures- it is true- every child loves boxes!! they are great! hope you are doing okay with your husband out of town!