Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tom in China

Tom on the runwayIf you look on the back wall there is a man painting the wall. Tom said the photos he has taken doesn't give justice to how big this facility is.
Here is a photo of traffic from his window. He loves watching the traffic.

This crane job is what took Tom to China. He has had some issues with his camera, so ignore the dates on the photos. I have added a few shots of the crane and some of around town. This part of China is not a tourist area. He has some funny stories to tell just on trying to buy batteries for his camera. It has been a challenge buying somethings that he needs with the language barrier. Yesterday he was told about an escalator to take not far from the outside of his hotel. It took him to an underground world of shops that you would never know were there. He is having fun venturing out when he isn't on the job.

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Jie said...

Hope everything is fine with Tom at China!