Monday, March 26, 2007

Tom in China

Here are a few more photos of Tom on the job. He has been working closely with these two guys. Lenny is the one with the glasses. He speaks some English. Enough to communicate on a small level. Tom said he has been very nice and easy to work with. I think they have even mananged to find some humor in some of the problems that they are having. Due to some unforseen problems Tom's trip has been extended. Notice the bamboo ladder that Lenny is laying on. I think it is so cool.


Journey to Lilly! said...

The bamboo ladder is too cool!! I know you are missing your honey terribly! I can't stand it when Tony has to go out of town. It seems that everything breaks down for me too! We are praying for you through this time!! & I wish while he was there he could bundle Lilly & ZhiWei up & bring them home to me!!
God Bless you,
Kim Pintaro

Anonymous said...

The girls are asleep and dh is catching up on paperwork in is office. Instead of reading a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. What a great family you have. Loved the China pictures, too!