Thursday, June 12, 2008


Top photo: Ana Claire with her swim teacher Kaitlyn and her friend Dru.
Bottom photo: Ana Claire and Mackenzie
She is having a blast!

Ana Claire is loving swim lessons this year. Last year she wanted no part of it. What a difference a year makes.


LaLa said...

Love these pool pics...what cuties!! Glad she is loving it!

Sonya said...

SOOOOO FUN!!! Katie Lin is jumping in and going under this year too! She told Ben she could see his feet!!!! OH MY I don't know how anyone can open their eyes underwater! I am having to keep her from going under cause she keeps having nose bleeds :(

WAY TO GO ANA CLAIRE!!! We are going to have soooooo much fun when you and your Mommy come to spend the week with us in July!

Grace said...

Sometimes it is better to put them into swim lessons when they are a little older... Joshua was the same way however, Ethan is our water baby and loved it since birth!